CBD 101

Let’s start with the basics. What actually is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in the hemp plant. CBD interacts with something called your endocannabinoid system, which is a web of receptors that hangs out in your nervous system. This system plays a role in a number of important functions, including mood and sleep cycles.

You should also know it’s absolutely non-intoxicating. Sometimes CBD is mixed up with THC—which will get you high—but they’re completely different compounds.

What are the Benefits Of CBD?

CBD has become extremely popular over the last few years, both as a medicine and a regular nutritional supplement. That’s because it has many health benefits. When used as a medicine, CBD can act as a pain killer, anti inflammatory, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, antiemetic, appetite stimulant, and much more. CBD can help promote homeostasis, keeping your body in perfect balance

Why choose full-spectrum CBD?

The entourage effect theory suggests that taking CBD and THC together, along with terpenes, may be more effective than taking either cannabinoid alone. That’s why some people prefer to use full-spectrum CBD.


Many people do not realize that CBD and full spectrum hemp extract are not the same thing. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of many hundreds of cannabinoid compounds that are contained in hemp extract, but it happens to be the most prevalent. While many other brands offer “pure” CBD products, this could mean that it only contains an isolated (powder) CBD compound, so it does not include any of the additional Phyto cannabinoids or terpenes that are also found in hemp. While these products may sometimes be cheaper, you are not getting the full benefits that you would get from Full Spectrum hemp extract.

The highest level of benefit lies with full spectrum hemp extract, because it contains the full range of Phyto cannabinoids and terpenes, including CBD. These compounds are all specifically engineered to perform in tangent, which means that they work best together rather than separately, with a process that is known as the “entourage effect”. We only use non gmo organic premium full spectrum hemp extract as the base of our products so you can get the full benefits of CBD

A good analogy would be to imagine full spectrum hemp extract as a delicious salad. You might think of CBD as being the lettuce, with the additional Phyto cannabinoids representing other toppings and dressings. If you ordered a salad, and it only came with lettuce and nothing else, you might be a little disappointed, right? That is similar to the difference between CBD isolate versus full spectrum hemp extract products.